Flying From Fullerton To Oceano

I'm a licensed pilot but I haven't been able to fly much in recent years so I was thrilled when my friend Dr. Case Ketting took me on a flight to Oceano airport in the Pismo Beach area.

A Flight to Oceano

San Fernando Valley on the way

We took off from Fullerton airport and flew over the Los Angeles area. Here is the San Fernando Valley.


We saw the beautiful coastal mountains.

lake on the way

There was all kinds of scenery like this lake.

some clouds on the way

The clouds and farmland were beautiful as well.

beach dunes at Pismo Beach

We're getting close to Oceano. Here are the sand dunes at Pismo Beach.

final approach into Oceano

Airport in sight! We'll be on the ground soon. Maybe it's because I'm a pilot, but I find that there is something beautiful about final approach.

Safe on Terra fir ma

We've landed and this is the engineering marvel that got us here safely.

Friends Navion

We met up with Case's friend Gordon and his son Trevor to get some aerial pictures of each others airplane.

Gordon's plane off the right wing at Pismo

A CAVU shot! That is Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited.

Nice shot with the mountains

Another shot where the beauty of the mountains are more prominent.

Navion and rugged shore

An airplane and California's rugged coastline make a great pair.

Navion over the fog

I was hoping to see the wingtip vortices in the fog layer but it didn't work out like that. The picture is still great anyway.

Navion and some California oak trees

The Oak trees of California made a great background for this shot.

lighthouse with scaffolding

Of course there was other scenery too, like this lighthouse station.

Me in the air taking pictures of them in the air

Trevor got some great shots of Case's Navion. That's me in the right seat with the camera.

A sporty shot of Case's Navion

Here's A sporty looking shot of Case's Navion.

Good by Gordon and Trevor

Well we took are pictures and it was time to go our separate ways. We said farewell to Gordon and Trevor and watched as they sped off.