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Hello, I'm glad you're here! This page is about engineering, science, technology and fun things to do around southern California.

My home is in Southern California where I enjoy surfing, taking care of my historic house, playing the piano, photography and learning new things.

The Latest

Raspberry Pi Zero computer

In my laboratory section I have a new entry. I bought a raspberry pi computer and soldered in a 40 pin header but I had to do some trouble shooting.

Raspberry Pi Zero being tested with a multi meter

I launched a new web site. dinercalc.com

I have been working on a web site,Diner Calc, that calculates your restaurant bill with the tip and tax. It implements some things I learned with Java Script. It's a simple learning experience and hopefully someone will find it useful.

Featured Content

Here is some of the more notable content.

A Visit to The Saint Louis Gateway Arch

On my way back from Wisconsin in March, 2014, I visited the Saint Louis gateway arch

Gateway Arch

First Usable Dolphin Video

I have a GoPro camera. It's a great gadget that's great for capturing the wave of the day and various wildlife I see while surfing. But finally on 8-10-2011, I got my first usable video of dolphins. If you listen carefully, at 59 seconds you can hear the dolphins "whistle".

A Flight From Santa Maria To Half Moon Bay
Monterey Bay

I'm a licensed pilot but I haven't been able to fly much in recent years so I was thrilled when my friend Dr. Case Ketting took me on a flight to from Santa Maria to Half Moon Bay airport.