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Recent Update March 27, 2017

picture of my house


Hello, I'm glad you're here! If you're interested in engineering, science, technology or fun things to do around southern California and other places, You've come to the right place.

My home is in Southern California where I enjoy surfing, taking care of my historic house, playing the piano, photography and learning new things.


My mission is to share fun and useful information about science, technology, recreation and a few things about my life.

The Latest

Raspberry Pi Zero computer

In my laboratory section I have a new entry. I bought a raspberry pi computer and soldered in a 40 pin header but I had to do some trouble shooting.

Raspberry Pi Zero being tested with a multi meter

I launched a new web site.

I have been working on a web site,Diner Calc that calculates your restaurant bill with the tip and tax. It implements some things I learned with Java Script. It's a simple learning experience and hopefully someone will find it useful.

Featured Content

A Visit to The Saint Louis Gateway Arch

On my way back from Wisconsin in March, 2014, I visited the Saint Louis gateway arch

Gateway Arch

First Usable Dolphin Video

I used to go swimming in the morning before work at a local pool to keep in shape and keep my brain healthy but then I realized that for an extra 45 minutes I could go surfing instead so I'm usually out in the surf five days a week. For Christmas 2010 I got a wonderful gift, a GoPro camera. It's a great gadget that's great for capturing the wave of the day and various wildlife I see while surfing. But finally on 8-10-11 I got my first usable video of dolphins. The camera has a 170° angle of view so the dolphins (at least in the above water shots) may be closer than they appear. Also at 59 seconds, if you listen carefully you can hear the dolphins "whistle".

New Section: my video page

These are videos that I find worth talking about. They are my favorites for fascinating, stimulating and inspiring content on the web.

A Flight From Santa Maria To Half Moon Bay
Monterey Bay
The Monterey Bay

I'm a licensed pilot but I haven't been able to fly much in recent years so I was thrilled when my friend Dr. Case Ketting took me on a flight to from Santa Maria to Half Moon Bay airport.